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In my last post I alluded to being an expert with an opinion. That allusion was suggestive that I what I might be an expert in was my opinion. Of course that is not the only thing I bill myself as an expert in, else who would really care about my opinion, expert or not. My expertise has come from years of diligent study interspersed with work and punctuated by an occasionally unhealthy obsession. Along with this study has come degrees and even some honors much the way this work has been accompanied by titles and even some pay. Over the years my expertise has meandered between a number of things related to that which has come to be my primary expertise and that which I am intending with this blog to not be bothered to opine on.

In that time I have amassed a small but respectable library of titles. Should we judge these books by their covers, or at least their titles, we might get some sort of indication as to what precisely it is that I am claiming expertise in. Of course this library being small does not make the reading and judging of their covers any less laborious. Fortunately, in the course of amassing such a library and developing this alleged expertise I have discovered that by typing into certain programs certain phrases I can get a number that summarizes what I have been alluding to all this while.

That phrase might go something like this:

2012-7-12 Count book titles

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