Self Driving Manual

Kevin was your normal everyday car buyer. He wasn’t an earlier adopter or gadget obsessed. He worked with technology but not in it. As he sat there in the driver’s seat of ALR-300 listening to beep after beep staring at the flashing light, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was some sort of malicious prank. At least he wasn’t late for an important meeting.

He had bought the ALR-300 so he could just sit and ride. Self driving cars were everywhere. There was another one zipping along, not stopped on the shoulder beeping. He wished he had signed up for the remote care and technology package so he could ask the car why it was beeping. Staring at the dashboard and that blinking light thinking “if only it would…”, he decided to call for help. After a few minutes of checking his email and posting to Facebook about how horrible his day was starting out, he found a tow truck service and called.

The longest 43 minutes dragged by and at least a dozen ALR-300’s zipped past. How many 400’s and 500’s he’d lost count. He was almost regretting buying a self driving car. At least with a manual he could drive it himself. Ah, but how many hours would he have spent staring at break lights instead of his tablet.

The tow truck drove him and his vehicle to the nearest dealership. He explained the problem to the receptionist. She made a face and walked off to get the service manager. He could see them both talking about him. The service manager looked concerned. He picked up the phone.

After a brief conversation he put the phone down and came out of his office. “Kevin, thank you for coming here today. I had to double check with the manufacturer but I am confident that you can drive home. You see the beeping red light that says drive indicates that you need to drive.”

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