Career advice you should never follow

2. Is one that seems self serving to mention as I am looking more at contract oriented work. It seems to me that the unspoken assumption that some employers expect this piece of unwisdom to be motive to turn a blind eye to unethical, unprofessional, and possibly illegal activities just to keep from job hopping. I work for pay and a sense of achievement (mostly from that pay), not win approval for sacrificing my ambition and potential in the name of loyalty hat is not reciprocated.


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By Kelsey Manning/Levo League,

With so much career advice floating around the interwebs, some of it is bound to be poor. Luckily we here at Levo don’t just trust the haphazardly doled-out opinions of self-appointed “leadership experts” and other dubious characters. We go straight to the top—men and women who have worked their way to massive career success — and ask them. What strategies actually worked for them? Which career buzz phrases should be ignored completely? Here are a few pieces of career advice that you should never follow.

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1. “Always have a five-year plan.”

Haven’t you heard? Five-year plans are out, pivoting is in. Having tangible goals is awesome and necessary, but trying to plan out the next five years of your life is neither. The best opportunities are often…

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